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Škofja Loka is one of the oldest towns in Slovenia. In 1973 we celebrated its thousandth anniversary. In 1987 it was declared for cultural monument. Above the hill there is a medieval castle.

The primary school of Cvetko Golar is one of the three schools in our area. It is named after the poet, writer, dramatist and editor Cvetko Golar, who was born in the nearby village Gosteče.

The school was established on February 11, 1963. It has been also was re-built. The last achievement is the sports hall which is used for physical education classes and other sport activities. 

The school is situated in the industrial part of Škofja Loka. It positively affects the surroundings and represents the cultural and sport centre of the area. Besides, the school’s door is always open in the afternoons to the local population where many different activities take place: presentations, sport events, theatrical performances and celebrations. 

The main goal of the school is providing our pupils best conditions for studying and their personal development. We are aware of the fact that the good basic education is the basis for further studies. Our pupils are constantly encouraged to participate competitions at various fields of knowledge. We are looking for new possibilities for classroom furnishings and ICT equipment. So far, we have functionally equipped the science classrooms, the multimedia system in the lecture room, mainly all the classrooms were refurnished and the library was totally renewed. Internet access is available everywhere. Pupils can use computers at school for their homework and projects. 

Since 2002 the school has been the member of UNESCO ASPnet. The UNESCO aims are making friendships between Slovenian peers and the peers from other countries, connecting people, developing good relations, expressing new ideas, charity activities, celebrating memorial days, collaborating in national and international projects and ecology. In 2008 the school joined to the Healthy School net. The topics of the project are physical and social activities. The intention of the project is promoting health so the motto is Healthy spirit in a healthy body. 

Besides providing good financial support, we are trying to do our best that our pupils are offered a wide variety of activities and after school clubs. In such a way, their free time is organised creatively.

We stress cultural heritage so pupils can join the folk group and bobbin-lacing club. On the other hand, there are also ICT, video, photo and school radio clubs. We also organise sports and dancing activities, mountaineering and two choirs.
Our school has been actively involved in the national project SCHOOL BASKETBALL LEAGUE which includes basketball, cheerleading, acrobats, computing, photo, video and journalistic clubs.

The most successful group in the project is our cheerleading group FLOWERS. They have been the national champions for a couple of years. They compete in the European and world championships. 

In the school year 2011/12 all the pupils can join the programme HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. It is available on daily basis, during the holidays and on Saturdays. The programme offers the sport activities and it is free of charge.

Children spend much time at school so we wish that they feel well. Not only education is important for their developing, but also the life values. The motto of our school is: Respect, work, knowledge and honesty open the door into a happy life. We try to follow it and build safe future for all of us. 

Albert Einstein’s quote proves that we are doing well:
Let us not forget that wonderful things which are taught at school are the hard work of many generations. All these skills are the heritage and…. it has to be respected and enriched …but one day, pass it faithfully on your own children! 

School is more than a place for learning, it isn’t a joke! It is a building, where the laugh should be heard and the positive attitude towards everything! ….. Life is beautiful.